Why We Give



A gift to NFBPA is the best way to ensure that current and future administrators are afforded the many opportunities available in the public sector: Government, Nonprofits/NGOs, International, Consulting and Education.

Having leaders, managers and employees who are properly trained is vital for success. You can keep us a step ahead. Make your gift online today!


If you’re a MEMBER, it’s easy. You know how much NFBPA has enriched your life and set you securely on a path to personal and professional success. You feel honored to give something back to this proud institution as it enters into this pivotal time in its 28-year history.

If you’re a current STUDENT, you see firsthand how donated funds are used to build exciting programs that expose the next generation of leaders to seasoned public administrators. Throughout the year, our strategy is to engage students through our Emerging Leaders initiative and keep them active and involved with NFBPA, while providing mentoring opportunities.

If you’re on the BOARD of a corporation or foundation, you know how crucial it is to support organizations like NFBPA that help create highly skilled, informed and empathetic global leaders who are devoted to providing vital daily services to the public in cities, counties, states and nations around the world.


You can save money through charitable donations of cash, stock, in-kind donations and other assets. Donations are 100% tax deductible. Contact our office to speak with a representative about planned giving and find out how a well-planned donation can lighten your tax burden and defer some capital gains taxes from long-term investments.