About Triad Chapter

Executive Committee/Officers

Antwyan Jones, President

Kimberly Sowell, 1st Vice President,

Carla Banks, 2nd Vice President

Vacant, Treasure Vacant

Stephanie Mardis, Recording Secretary

Tiffany Jones, Communications Secretary

Lacy Deberry, Past President


How to contact us

Email: nfbpatriadchapternc@gmail.com

Social Media: Facebook NFBPA Triad Chapter


Past Presidents


Sheldon Smith, 2012-2014

Antwan Jones, 2010-2012

Darryl Jones, 2007-2010

Deywon Arant-McAdoo, 2006-2007

Calvin Foster Sr., 2003-2006

James Howerton, 200-2003

Terry Bellamy, 1993-2000

John Rascoe, 1992-1993

Constance Stancil, 1991-1992

James Wright, 1990-1991 *First President of the Triad Chapter


2019 Meeting Dates

All meeting are held the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4pm unless otherwise noted:


2019 meeting dates and locations coming soon!


How to Join the Triad Chapter


Do you want to increase your value to your employer by expanding your toolkit of skills? NFBPA offers a variety of ways members can add to their education. Each year the FORUM, NFBPA’s annual conference is held, offering members discounted access to a variety of hot-topics workshops conducted by nationally known instructions.


Do you want to enhance your resource base by expanding your network of business contacts? Membership in one of over 47 NFBPA chapters with members in more than 350 jurisdictions immediately puts you in contact with a local circle of individuals with similar job responsibilities, questions, concerns, and advice. And expanding the circle outward, attendance at the FORUM brings members face to face with a global community of like minds.


Do you want to position yourself for participation in today’s global marketplace? NFBPA’s national membership, with chapters in over 29 states, is a perfect place to learn more about culture, priorities, practices and preferences different from your own.  Maybe you don’t work in a global business today, but what about tomorrow? Jobs change and employers change; don’t be left behind as the world shrinks. The wise employee is prepared for possibilities before they arise.  Membership in NFBPA, which has identified for itself a vision of being “the recognized leader in public sector” is a good place to start!


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