Jennifer Barthelemy

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts


I currently serve as the Diversity & Equity Manager for the Department of Transitional Assistance. My career with DTA began in 2006 and I have served in a number of roles including Case Manager, Teen Parent Specialist, Supervisor and Local Office Assistant Director. I hold a BS in Psychology from Howard University, one of America’s most prestigious Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). I am one of the two recipients of the Commonwealth Suffolk Fellowship and will be completing the Masters of Public Administration Program at Suffolk University in May 2021. My passion for public service is intricately tied to my personal experiences and strong belief in the power of every individual’s personal story. I am an advocate for discussions on racial and social equity, with a focus on transformative change addressing and dismantling systemic and institutional racism. I am a leader, coach, and mentor, both professionally and personally, whose passion for helping others radiates in her interactions with them. I embrace my roles in leadership as an avenue to encourage others to purposefully walk in the power that they possess.