Ms. Christine Edwards

Mecklenburg County Government

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Mecklenburg County Government


Christine Edwards is an emerging local government professional with an interest in community development in her hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Right now, I:
- develop public engagement campaigns for Mecklenburg County alongside a team of Communication professionals
- coordinate special events that offer direct interaction between County staff and the community
- encourage openness and transparency
- staff community events at all levels, from small civic groups to major executive level involvement

I used to:
- be an adjunct professor instructing the community on the principles of digital literacy and inclusion
- blog independently for major online publications
- job shadow mentors at the City of Charlotte
- soak up as much as I could from my MPA classmates

I want to:
- be a City/County/Town Manager for a small to medium sized metropolitan area
- recruit more young people to the field of public administration
- recruit more women to the field of public administration
- recruit more minorities to the field of public administration
- join a non-profit board
- bridge the widening communication-value gap between government and the public
- work towards solving issues i care about; affordable housing and digital inclusion
- do good

I believe in self-improvement and I believe in servant leadership. Message me to learn more!