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Forum 2019 Sponsorship

Engage with key decision makers in the public sector for an unforgettable experience.

Seize the opportunity to enthuse potential attendees about your products and services during four days of the conference with potential partners and customers.

Forum 2019 will give your company the competitive edge through a unique oppor- tunity to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business with public sector attendees.

Anticipate future trends in the public sector — discuss the challenges and opportuni- ties facing the public sector with the attendees and your peers who need your services and products.

Create a memorable experience — there’s no better place to make a lasting impres- sion on potential clients.

Be where your Customers are — attendees are looking to find innovations andsolutions to their communities’ challenges.

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The National Forum for Black Public Administrators is the principal and most progressive organization dedicated to the advancement of ethnically diverse leadership in public service. NFBPA offers cities, counties and other levels of government resources and support to successfully deliver services to their employees and communities. NFBPA administrators are on the frontline working to solve pressing community and human​ service​ needs.​Their ​solutions ​have ​to​ be ​creative,​ inspired, ​fi​scally​ responsive ​and ​compassionate.

Reasons you’ll love this Conference

  • 99% workshop satisfaction — “Great Information, practical and insightful and real examples from cities and counties were relatable and realistic.”
  • 92% would attend again — “It was great to have an overview of the challenges faced by local governments and to be able to benchmark.”
  • 90.9% recommendation rate — “I loved the opportunity to discuss the ideas, and problems shared in workshops and keynotes with the speakers and with other attendees.” The FORUM is a highly curated conference in partnership with dynamic corporate spon- sors,​nonprofi​ts​and​partner​organizations. Join 800-1000 public sector professionals grappling with real world organization, cul- ture, employee experiences and workplace challenges."

You will ...

  • See inside the best and most progressive workplaces Get exclusive insight into the country’s most successful cities, towns, and counties. Learn how they build teams, execute projects and integrate this knowledge for your personal development.
  • Shape your leadership know how Access new research, in-depth workshops and candid case studies. Take actionable knowledge back home and become a productive disrupter in your organization.
  • Build your network. Fear​ Of ​Missing ​Out​ Alert: ​FORUM ​is ​the​ most ​informed,​ infl​uential​ and​ friendly​ conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to make new lifetime friends.
  • Get digital therapy! Join us on the “tech chairs” at the exclusive “Innovation Center.” You can unburden your digital soul while getting invaluable, vendor-neutral guidance ... at no cost to you.