In addition to a broad array of quality membership services sponsored by the NFBPA, a number of special programs have been established in direct response to critical needs in public administration. In the training arena, the NFBPA operates four widely acclaimed programs that address the varied needs of established and emerging public administrators in the United States and abroad.


The Executive Leadership Institute - The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) was established in 1987.  ELI is dedicated to grooming African American managers for the rigors of executive positions in public service organizations.  To learn more about the Executive Leadership Institute, click here.  


The Mentor Program - In 1987, we launched the Mentor Program, a unique program designed to positively impact the professional development of emerging public administrators.  To learn more about the Mentor program, click here.  


Awards and Recognition Program - Each year, NFBPA issues three distinguished awards to acknowledge stellar performance and commitment to public service.  To learn more about the Awards and Recognition Program, click here


Career Center Portal - NFBPA provides a career portal for our members and employers seeking to hire.  To gain access to the Career Center Portal, click here