NFBPA Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)

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THE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE was established in 1987 as a program dedicated to grooming African American managers for the rigors of executive positions in public service organizations. Understanding the array of critical problems faced by cities, counties, and states – the need for talented, energetic, creative, resourceful, and capable executives from diverse backgrounds is increasingly present. ELI was established to sharpen the skills and capabilities of an elite core of managers and administrators who have already demonstrated superior achievement in their careers as assistant city managers, department heads, bureau/division chiefs, and the like. This program is one of the few training institutes in the United States that offers a curriculum mixed with both academic-based theory and practitioner-based experience through partnerships with universities and cities throughout the county. The ability to compare the impacts of urban development, transportation policy, economic development strategies and other public policies in a select group of cities over an eight-month period is unique to ELI participants. Candidates also have an exceptional opportunity to interface with elected and appointed administrators from across the country who grapple with diverse public policy decisions daily, citizens who live in these communities, and universities that study and analyze public management application and theory.

Danita Carter
Deputy Director
Business Resource Center
King County Washington
Seattle, WA

Andrew Debraggio
Program Analyst
Director's Office
Department of Employment Services
Washington, DC

Ronnie D
Ronnie J. Devine Jr.
Deputy Director
Mecklenburg County Community Support Services
Charlotte, NC

Errick F
Errick Farmer Ph.D.
Associate Dean
School of Allied Health Sciences
Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, FL, 32317

Delia Frazer
Program Manager
DC Department of Employment Services
Silver Spring, MD

Victor Roboam Isler
Victor Roboam Isler
Associate Dean
School of Allied Health Sciences
Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, FL

Faith Jackson.
Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer
City Manager’s Office
City of Bloomington, MN
Anoka, MN

Daniel King
Daniel Y. King
Supervisory Program Analyst
DC Department of Employment Services
District Heights, MD

Keith George Lopes
Business Relationship Analyst & Systems Administrator
Office of the Deputy Director 
Washington, D.C. 20020

Yama P
Yama Paillere
Deputy Chief of Staff
Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners
Office of the Chair

Lawrence MR
Lawrence Mitchell Richardson Jr.
Deputy Director of Finance and Administration
Department of Health and Human Services
Nottingham, MD

Calvin Rivers
Senior Human Resources Analyst
Water and Land Resources Division
King County Washington
Seattle, WA

David Ross
Keith George Lopes
Chief of Staff
District of Columbia Department of Human Services
Washington, DC

Roselynn Ruth
Roselynn Ruth RN, BSN
Division Manager-Community Based Vaccine Clinics
Houston Health Department
Houston, TX

Monea PS
Monea Precious Smith
Program Analyst
Department of Employment Services
Washington, DC