Coporate Partners

NFBPA seeks to forge a partnership between the public and private sectors. Local, county and state government decisions continue to affect the business community. Building codes, tax laws, safety and environmental regulations, procurement rules, and the available workforce all influence business success. Further, it is clear that unmet individual, and community needs threaten the social and economic well-being of the nation. The NFBPA National Corporate Council was established to assist NFBPA through several key roles:

  • A forum for corporations to communicate with decision-makers;
  • The enhancement of public-private cooperation to forge solutions to urban challenges;
  • An opportunity for corporations to showcase products and services; and
  • Development of resources to carry out the NFBPA mission.

Membership on the NCC is open to all NFBPA corporate, business, institutional, and university members. Learn how to become part of the NCC.

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